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Every investment involving road construction brings about the risk of a negative impact on the natural environment; hence designers – as early as at the stage of working out different variants of a given route – take into account natural conditions and perform a thorough analysis of the impact of the planned investment on the environment, i.e. the so-called Technical, Economic and Environmental Study (TEES).

budowa estakady

A few months’ long operation of sliding the longest overpass of the Kłodzko ring road onto supports was completed on 12 June 2017.

Obwodnica Kłodzka

We work in such a beautiful place that you really want to get up early in the morning. You don’t have to talk a lot here; just look around and be amazed.

droga ekspresowa


Another investment we had been supervising, i.e. an 18-kilometre-long section of the S5 express road from “Gniezno Południe” interchange to “Mieleszyn” interchange, being also the ring road of the city of Gniezno, was opened on 4 May 2017.

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